1. Register an account for you and your boat on the SORC website. This has to be done before you can access the PayPal payment system. If you do not have any of the information requested, then enter “TBA” (to be advised). You can enter the information later when you have it. The Registration process requires you to “read and understand the Risk Statement & Declaration” form. If you do not confirm this, then you will not be allowed to race!

Register Account


  • £100 deposit by 31st March 2018
  • £275 balance by 4th May 2018
  • £100 late entry fee for deposits paid after 31st March 2018

Pay Fees


  1. Read the race Risk Assessment. Be aware and of the risks and risk reduction actions.

Risk Assessment


  1. Read the Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions. They contain a lot of important information.

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Ammendment to Sailing Instructions


  1. Submit a completed safety checklist - SORC Self-Certification for Race Category 2 Monohulls / Multihulls

Monohull Checklist


  1. Submit your valid 2018 IRC Rating Certificate or MOCRA Rating Certificate


  1. Submit a short description of your solo sailing experience, or other relevant information.


  1. Submit some pictures of you and your boat for SORC to use on its website and in event publicity.



Please send any information or ask any questions by email to


If the Race Committee have any queries about your entry, then we will contact you.


If the Race Committee decide to reject your entry, then any money paid will be refunded to you.