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See your way around the Rock

 29 March 2018

Exposure Lights are supporting the SORC Round the Rock Race with a fantastic array of prizes, and also the SORC season with a product discount for their superb light and safety products.

See your way around the Rock

Exposure Lights have come onboard as a sponsor partner for the SORC Round the Rock Race with some great prizes and a Discount Offer for SORC skippers throughout our 2018 Offshore season.

Tom Harrop, Brand Manager at Exposure Lights, explains ... "We are pleased to offer our companies support for the forthcoming SORC season. We manufacture marine lighting and safety equipment, working with many of the top Solo Offshore racers such as Alex Thomson and Conrad Colman along with all the current Volvo Ocean Racing Teams. Primarily we will offer competitors a range of prizes for the 2018 SORC Round the Rock Race and a Season discount code of 15% to all SORC members to use online at our website www.alertandfind.com"

soloFASTNET prize list:

  • Overall winner – RAW Pro 1st Prize x 3 – MOB Carbon
  • 2nd Prize x 3 – Float-On
  • 3rd Prize x 3 – OLAS Tag
  • Best blog  / best race story x 2 – Float-On

Nigel Colley, SORC's Director of Racing, quotes ... "As a satisfied user of the Exposure Raw head torches, I am very happy to welcome Exposure onboard. Their lighting and safety products are top of the class and very relevant to our style of offshore short-handed yacht racing. These excellent bits of kit will find a valuable place onboard any SORC yacht".

Contact at Exposure or  at SORC for your Discount Code and Exposure eBrochure with the SORC prices.


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