Bernie Bingham

Boat Type: HOD 35 - Humphreys Ond Design
Sail Number: GBR7716
Rating: 0.998

I've been sailing consistently for over 20 years having done quite a lot as a kid in the family dinghies, but then moving onto motorbikes for a period, before rediscovering the sport in the 90's.

In the mid 90's I was mainly sailing Tempests (22' trapeze keel boats, 2 man), enjoying the national and European circuits including several world championships, so a great all round experience. Small fleets in the UK but the worlds always attracted 30+ boats in some great locations.

My first offshore experience was in 2000 and then my first racing season offshore was in 2001 when I did a fully crewed Fastnet campaign on a Reflex 38. Following that, a few of us brought a boat in 2002 - a Rogers 30, which we kept until 2014.

Over the years we did the RORC series, with a Fastnet (fully crewed) in 2005, 2007 (retired due to the weather) and a Cascais race in 2008 where we retired after losing the rig in the channel.

In 2003 I did a Sydney Hobart and in 2004 I did a Gosford to Lord Howe Island race as the big offshores of the year (not on the Rogers though...)

The Rogers went on the hard for a couple of seasons in 2008/9 when I sailed on the HOD35 Psipsina doing the 2-handed RORC series, including the 2009 Fastnet.

In 2011 we hd a refit on the Rogers, where we changed the rig to swept back spreaders, added a bowspirt and A-sails and then  I did the 2011, 12, 13 seasons in her, 2-handed including both Fastnet's.

I sold the Rogers in 2014 and then in January of 2015 I bought Jmy current boat, the HOD35 Psipsina.

I love the Fastnet race as a format and the idea of doing it solo is both daunting and exciting. Saying something like "the ultimate challenge" is probably a bit hyperbolic for me, but certainly in my world of long working hours and a young family, it's as difficult and personally testing as its going to get.

I have no expectations of a good result as the fleet has an incredible depth of talent in it but I'd be very happy to sail a good race within my abilities and be safe!!

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Bernie Bingham